Endodontist in Media, PA

Laser Assisted Endodontic Therapy


Laser-assisted root canal treatment is an important new innovation designed to provide a more thorough cleaning and disinfecting the complex canal system found in our teeth.  We, at Media Endodontics, have integrated lasers into our endodontic treatment protocol for our complex cases.

Less than 5% of all endodontic offices have this technology available ! 

There are many benefits of laser dentistry.

  1. More treatments can be completed in a single visit,
  2. Treatment is more comfortable and may require less use of anesthetic.
  3. The chemicals needed to disinfect and clean the canal are used in a smaller percentage.
  4. Dental lasers also shorten treatment time and healing time and decrease the risk of infection following treatment.
  5. Lasers minimize bleeding both during and after treatment, and because they are very precise, targeted area without affecting nearby healthy tissues.




Active medium is erbium – emitting a beam of infrared energy at a wavelength of 2789nm. It utilizes HydroPhotonics technology (interaction of laser with water to produce energy) to cut soft and hard tissues. In dental hard tissue, photo-ablation occurs where water evaporates instantaneously thereby ablating the surrounding tissue with minimal thermal side effects.

Radial Firing Tips – A Technological Advancement, utilizes a unique radial beam pattern that fires laterally from its tip and cannot fire directly into or through the tooth apex. This firing pattern allows for a more uniform coverage of the entire dentinal surface. It Improves penetration of the entire canal wall to include lateral canals by laser energy.

The most important application of the dental laser treatment in Media, PA is in root canal preparation, specifically 1. The efficient removal of necrotic tissue and the smear layer, 2. root canal disinfection especially in areas previously not accessible. Lasers have been introduced to dentistry by Miaman. The laser therapy has various applications.